The RSA Energy Service Company Program Aims to Lower Customer Costs


Rent Stabilization Association pic
Rent Stabilization Association

Under the direction of private real estate investors and managers Robert and Karen Spitalnick, Birchwood Properties capitalizes on real-estate opportunities throughout New York City. Birchwood Properties also actively supports multiple industry organizations, including the Rent Stabilization Association (RSA).

The largest residential housing trade association in New York City, the RSA represents approximately 25,000 regional property agents and owners. In addition to serving as a powerful lobbying organization, the RSA sponsors a number of valuable programs, including the Energy Service Company (ESCO) initiative. The ESCO initiative allows enrolled members to acquire lower electric and gas rates by negotiating with as many as eight different regional ESCOs. Through the initiative, the RSA is able to secure some of the lowest prices per kilowatt-hour available in the current marketplace.

In order to enroll in the ESCO initiative, members must supply the RSA with their gas and/or electric bills from the previous two months. RSA representatives will then submit bids on each member’s behalf and then contact him or her with the best offers.