Community Housing Improvement Program – Connecting and Helping Members

Community Housing Improvement Program, Inc pic
Community Housing Improvement Program, Inc

In operation for over three decades, Birchwood Properties, LLC, takes a hands-on approach to property management and only manages the properties it owns across New York. Dedicated to efficiency and professionalism, Birchwood Properties is a member of several New York-focused industry organizations, such as the Community Housing Improvement Program, Inc (CHIP).

Open to property owners, managers, associates, and service providers in the five boroughs of New York City, the Community Housing Improvement Program was founded in 1966. CHIP represents over 3,500 members and has dealt with a variety of issues over the years, including water rates and rent regulation. Led by property owners, CHIP understands the day-to-day and long-term needs of its members. Apart from informational services like networking, newsletters, and a telephone helpline, CHIP also produces the New York Housing Journal and hosts several seminars each year. Most seminars are designed to address new and upcoming compliance issues, although some of them are on benchmarking, lead paint, and other matters of importance. Other benefits range from vendor lists to legal intervention.